Electricals Combined With Modern Designs

Electricals have been combined with designs that are used within homes and commercial properties. Not only does this advanced technology make everyday life slightly easier, it looks good too. Below are some of the most intriguing designs that we have found. See: Domestic Electrical Services.

Opening Hinged Rooflights

Our team found a supplier in the South of England that supplies the most extraordinary rooflights, all designed and handpicked because of their style and uniqueness.

EOS Rooflights supply opening rooflights for flat roofs. They were created with an efficient design and effortless automation so you can open them in your property by a touch of a button. Discover EOS’ opening rooflights.

You can also request for rain and temperature sensors to be fitted on – this means the rooflights work accordingly to the weather. These are a great choice for those who wish to connect the outside with their home.

Lastly, EOS’ Rooflights are all certified energy efficiency. Their double glazed opening skylight has a U Value as low as 0.97 W/m2K. Something that not everybody offers with their rooflights.

Stylish Electric Radiators

EHC provide thousands of homes with stylish and contemporary electric combination radiators. Their radiator systems have a diverse range that is perfect for every room, including large hard to heat rooms – you have total control of the heating system; manually, or automatically.

Control the time and temperature then sit back and relax. It is suggested that an full house inspection should be carried out before any installations. Click here.

For those who have a distinctive style in your home and want your radiator to match, then you’re in luck as these radiators are available in over 900 colours!

With the ability to match any home, to fit into any space and being able to heat any room efficiently you won’t experience an accessory quite like this.  Find out more.

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